08/08/2013Home To Norcross 08/08/2013Home To Norcross 08/08/2013Home To Norcross The Jolly Boys Cricket Club Follow the exploits of the Jolly Boys cricket club http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk 07/05/2013 Away To Wyre. The jollyboys make it two on the trot as a splendid batting performance sees us beat EVH. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-05-07.php 01/05/2013 Away To Wyre. The jollyboys start the season with a close fought victory. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-05-01.php 16/05/2013 Away To Rushale. Game postponed as Rushal are unable to field a team. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jbfixtures2013.php 06/06/2013 Home To Wyre. Wyre take revenge on a slightly understrength Jollyboys by giving us a sound thrashing ! http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-06-06.php 20/06/2013 Away To Rushale. A slightly depleted Jollyboys squad lose at Rushale. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-06-20.php 03/07/2013 Away To Norcross. A very understrength Jollyboys get thrashed by Norcross. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-07-03.php 11/07/2013 Away To Rushale. An emphatic display of batting gives us our third win of the season. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-07-11.php 16/07/2013 Away To EVH. Jollyboys pull off a suprise win in a very low scoring game at EVH. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-07-16.php 25/07/2013 Home To Rushale. Some poor batting sees the Jollyboys fail to beat an understrength Rushale side. http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-07-25.php 08/08/2013 Home To Norcross. A splendid display of batting sees the Jollys end the season with a win . http://www.jollyboyscc.org.uk/jb2013-08-08.php